My teaching has concerned topics in a range of fields: visual studies, film and media history, gender and sexuality studies, digital humanities, science, technology, and society, archival studies, and environmental and urban studies. I have also worked on tools and methods around humanities pedagogy and collaborative learning. With metaLAB, I co-developed digital pedagogical tools for working with cultural collections—waku, Curarium, and the Japan Disaster Archive—and co-organized a symposium called Experimental Teaching as Design Practice. In Fall 2013, I co-taught an experimental seminar on the triple disasters in Japan, with the support of the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching (HILT). In Spring 2015, I co-led a workshop called Structuring Collaborative Learning, as part of HILT's yearly conference. Upcoming and past courses, individually, in collaboration, and as assistant: Media Theory & History (Fall 16); A Short History of the Digital (Winter 17); Art and Disaster (Winter 17); Deconstructing Data (Spring 17); The Mixed-Reality City; Japan's 2011 Disasters and Their Aftermath: A Workshop on Digital Research; Sex and the Citizen: Race, Gender and Belonging in the United States; Frames of Mind: Film Theory; The Art of Film.